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  1. I think my answer should be helpful to you. I have been operating the washing plant for more than ten years, and the sadness of the sorrow of it cannot be understood. Of course, there will be bitterness to do anything. It's just that it will be more bitter to make a washing plant. Because the nature of washing factories is a typical material processing industry. It belongs to the characteristics of production that belongs to service. A minimum small washing plant should invest in about 600,000. These include rent, boiler, and infrastructure containing a drainage system. The heat dissipation and ventilation system, the storage pool (the need for municipal water parking), and the water treatment equipment contains the multi -intermediary filters and soft chemicals, cars, vortex pumps and submersible pumps as needed. Floor decoration, etc. Finally, the purchase of the equipment. Please note that the facility is not a device. Facilities are auxiliary facilities. The equipment is a machine. In the end you will start opening the facilities and equipment. Please note that as long as the machine moves during business. You will cost. The biggest cost is energy consumption, and then labor costs. In general, energy consumption includes steam in hydropower, coal or natural gas or heat power plants. These costs and labor costs are about one to one cost or slightly increasing. The consumption of raw materials generally accounts for 8-10%of the output value according to the size of the washing amount. Of course there are other expenses. To get the business at the beginning, to get business. Generally, the relationship between acquaintances and support is adopted. Please drink. In addition, some unit prices will be reduced. This cost should be regarded as a business fee. In the end, it is important to note that because the washing plant just started the business, the business had fewer business. Fixed costs cannot be shaped. It seems that the text is not allowed. Leave a QQ for you to check the QQ space or QQ direct communication. 29196369 You need to verify the verification
    Then answer the direct questions you raised. As mentioned earlier, the most basic washing plant invested about 600,000. It contains production backup funds. So how much does a slightly larger washing plant cost? If the daily production volume is about 1,000 units. This scale should be around 1.2 million. The budget list is no longer described here because I am not selling equipment. It makes sense to invest 100,000 to open a washing plant. But this kind of washing plant cannot have any ability to resist risks at all. And the quality of washing is not guaranteed at all. I only guarantee that your damage rate is particularly large. Payment of customers every month is enough for you to commit suicide.
    The washing industry has become more and more mature today. More and more formal. Only standardized and large -scale can ensure washing quality and service quality. I especially recommend that you have not been in contact with this industry before. Please go to the washing company for some short workers. Of course, in this way, most of the thoughts will be made to open the washing factory.
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  2. The profits of cloth grass are considerable, mainly business, good door roads, good management models, good machines, so profitable is necessary. It is recommended to use Yin Grand machine here, efficient, economical, and durable!

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  4. There are many large and small washing factories in the society. According to the current situation, such as opening a washing factory with a investment of 100,000, that is, small -scale investment, the washing volume is not large. If it is simply configured, washing, drying, and hotness can be equipped with one, and about 3-5 of the 3-star hotels (work 24 hours).
    The worst manufacturer equipment can be equipped with a 100kg -type washing machine with a set of 100kg dryers. This is just the configuration of the washing device, without the boiler configuration. The boiler must be equipped with a steam boiler with a steam boiler with: 0.5T/h and a pressure of 0.5-0.7MPa. If all of them are used, the washing plant is not cost -effective, maybe they will lose. If brand manufacturers can only be equipped with a relatively advanced equipment, small washing factories need to invest 300,000-400,000, medium-sized washing plants 400,000 to 800,000, and large washing factories of more than 1 million.
    The development of the washing industry will definitely develop in the upper scale direction in the future, and it is also very promising. Small -scale washing factories and irregular washing factories will definitely be merged or naturally eliminated by large washing companies. It is recommended that if you have a bigger funds, you can be competitive and gradually expand.
    If :), this is hard to say, but this can prove that as long as it is well managed, the cost is properly controlled, and the profit must be there.

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