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  1. Understand the life of investment banks
    In the perceptual impression, investment banks work in a suit, tie, car, first -class plane, and typical successful people in star hotels. Although we don't know what they are doing, we can know vaguely that they are busy from today's Paris trip to tomorrow's New York. In fact, internationally renowned investment banks have always been the dream of Wall Street elites. Because the transactions of investment banks are little known for the public, investment banks continue to create wealth myths, coupled with the unique taste of investment bankers, this makes investment banks a mysterious and seductive industry.
    The busy and busy life
    If you want to enter the investment bank, you must do a good job of overloading, high -intensity work and long -distance travel preparation. Not only that, the investment bank elites must continue to update their knowledge, obtain information, and keep themselves in the most professional and sensitive state forever.
    So once you enter this line, you must be highly self -disciplined about your lifestyle. Professional bankers should be prepared for long -term struggle, adjust their own life rhythm, do their best to gain their learning experience, and maintain a long -lasting professionalism.
    If investment banks help enterprises and government issuance of securities, help investors buy securities, manage financial assets, conduct securities transactions, and provide financial consultation. Therefore, employees of investment banks need to be very familiar with the explanation of the main economic indicators and statistical data of European and American countries (especially the US markets), as well as their applications in the research of specific industries of investment banks.
    DDATE income
    If investment banks are not only famous for their high -intensity work, but also for their rich salary, which makes them a "gold collar" and surpass other industries. According to the informal survey of Australian Financial Review, MBA graduates working in New York Investment Bank can earn 200,000 to $ 26 and $ 50,000 in the first year. After 4 years, this number is as high as 600,000 yuan. If it lasted for 7 years, it lasted for 7 years. , Can reach 1 million yuan. Uh year. In Goldman Sax and Morgan Stanley, this number can be slightly higher, which is 1.1 million yuan a year. 7 years can become a millionaire, and dreams are so attractive to cover all the "advice". Any young banker, no matter which investment bank, can tell the students who have just stepped out of the school, they are eager to get the same story: if they choose an investment bank, it means that they have given up the lives of normal people for many years. Work for 7 days and sleep only 2 hours. This is a continuous process. How to get unimaginable reprimand from the boss, because there is a little spelling error, how to endure humiliation, self -esteem, and rewrite the simple files of high school levels again and again. But these advice stories have never aroused a hint of waves. Over the years, Wall Street has been shouting "", leaving a resignation letter to leave the investment bank, but someone will join soon.
    In addition, there is an interesting phenomenon that when applying for an investment bank, everyone knows that you should love money very much, but the word "money" is a taboo in the interview. Many students who have obtained the work of investment banks say that when asked why they become bankers, job seekers should talk about their challenges, the core of the transaction, and the fun of creating wealth with their excellent ability. However, absolutely, you can never talk about money.
    . The circle of their friends
    The global financial market is a dynamic change area. The investment banking industry is a high -level, high -risk, high -return area. In this field, the common commonality of industry leaders is energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, highly self -discipline and highly constrained.
    as they have a strong psychological tolerance, the frustration when excessive fatigue, and the joy of the progress of the matter. The key to the success of investment banking is teamwork. Being able to unite everyone is a huge challenge for customers, and the return may be very high.
    It in the investment bank circle, there is a "blood" with a noble background. Whether it is Godman, Germany, Boston or Morgan Stanley, there are some Asian employees, but the education background is basically the master's degree in business management in famous schools such as Oxford Cambridge and Yale. Even analysts or assistants are the best graduates in the quantity of Tsinghua University. Therefore, no "blood" of these nobles and nobles, among China Gold (China International Financial Corporation) and large domestic banks, have sufficient work experience and excellent work results.
    Tallen's requirements
    Expanded information
    If you want to enter domestic investment banks, it should be:
    1, graduate students from famous schools are best at Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University And Shanghai Jiaotong University, returning is also the best school.
    2, related majors: finance, law, finance, accounting, etc.
    3, it is best to have one of the following qualifications (or part): CPA, judicial examination, CFA is better.
    4, preferably a boy. This is not gender discrimination, this is practical, because they must travel for a long time to work overtime.
    The above conditions are adjusted according to the scale and industry conditions of domestic securities companies. The requirements for large investment banks are very high and the requirements for small and medium -sized brokers are also low.
    If you want to enter a foreign bank, there is no clear education and professional restrictions. English must be perfect. You can only prove that you are absolutely excellent.

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