4 thoughts on “Where is the best hairpin in Nanchang's barber shop?”

  1. Kingdee and Wang Chao are better. If you are a student, the general price will be more than 200. If you work, you will choose a more expensive hairstyle for you, but it is worth it. I think the hairstyle is good and the hair level is good. If it grows, it will not become ugly because of the long hair.

  2. No, in Nanchang, for six years, all the hairdressing halls have been around, telling you the real experts, Sassoon of Zhongshan Road to find Xiao Lijie, his technology is all in Nanchang. Really, you will never lie to you. You don't believe you go to his shop. Now that you can not find his technology better than him, you will hurt your hair every time. At this time, you will feel that Nanchang is a bit worth missing. It was not an advertisement, and he went to Nanchang from Xi'an to let him repair it twice. You tell him that he must know that a friend of Fujian now Xi'an. Maybe the discount will be bigger.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe best time to answer hot curly hair is the time tunnel. This is a well -known hot curly hair. The shape is good, the maintenance time is long, and the price is very beautiful. About 800, some people even spend more than a thousand to get it. The effect is very good. It is not long before it has been hot for a year. I want to be cheaper and the birthplace. Sassoon is pretty good. When the birthplace is hot, it is very beautiful, but the maintenance time is not very long. about. Kingdee and Bobo (previous Wang Chao) cut their hair well and perm. There are quite a lot of people who want to make hair, but your most important thing is to choose a good potion and use L'Oreal. If someone wants you what L'Oreal is, what you say is the same as L'Oreal, you must not use it. Because this is L'Oreal's offline brand, the effect is not as good as L'Oreal.

  4. I have been in Nanchang for a while. I also do a survey for Nanchang's hair. The place where the hair is better is the birthplace, where the price is about 180 yuan, which is more suitable for young people.

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