17 real estate companies' joint names requested the municipal government: how to define professional housing troubles and "malicious rights protection"?

4 thoughts on “17 real estate companies' joint names requested the municipal government: how to define professional housing troubles and "malicious rights protection"?”

  1. In Hefei's house delivery, unreasonable and unqualified customer demands are common. Due to the quality defects of the house, do not accept maintenance, refuse to pay the property fee during the maintenance period for no reason, and require huge compensation. Customers' demands are highly consistent, and there may be professional housing agents behind it, which will help industrialization trends. Therefore, I urge the Hefei Municipal Government to resolutely curb the trouble of occupational houses and "malicious rights protection."

  2. If some owners they think there is a problem with the house and insist on refund the fee, but they cannot clearly find out the corresponding legal provisions, which is malicious rights protection.

  3. This is the result of making trouble in the real estate industry. Therefore, real estate has played a good role in this matter.

  4. 17 housing enterprises in one place requested the municipal government: cracking down on professional housing troubles and "malicious rights protection" will have relatively large controversy in definition. Because these real estate companies have requested to combat the owners' malicious power, but how to determine the boundaries of malicious rights protection is a question, including interviewing self -media and blocking self -media. This is also unacceptable to many people because the media The existence itself is the supervision of public opinion. If the housing company requires the government to block the self -media, then there is no way to reflect the media's supervision significance.
    Is that the real estate enterprise requests the municipal government to fight professional waterlogging prevention. It is mainly for some institutions or individuals to start forming an owner chat group before the delivery of certain real estate. Some construction drawings during the construction process are taken to shoot close -ups, and the owners will also organize the owners to go to the sales department to take a pull banner, shouting slogan and other methods to disturb the normal business of real estate companies. In this form, to a certain extent, there is indeed a lot of pressure on the entire real estate market, especially some professional houses that have unreasonable rights protection to some extent have indeed affected the normal business model of some companies and caused extremely extremely. Large economic losses.
    It's point of view from the perspective of the buyer, the direct contradiction point of the house and buyer is that the buyers believe that the quality of the house they purchased does not meet the standard, and there is a way to sign the house. The quality of the house is up to the standard. It is actually a very unreasonable thing for buyers to complete the delivery procedures. Indeed, there are some criminals that may touch the fish in the muddy water and want to earn some benefits, but most of the time the victims are buyers who buy it. There is no way to accept the quality flaws of the house. The other buyers came together.
    In finally, when I feel that in the face of this, I still need to pick up legal weapons to protect the legitimate rights and interests of home buyers.

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