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  1. The exquisite sentence of the catering person's circle of friends must be about what food to do. Let's talk about the sentences of making cakes, desserts and dishes. R n is the mousse cake I made by myself. Is it particularly beautiful?
    The cake for you, I wish you a happy birthday.
    although the selling of this cake is not good -looking, the taste is not bad.
    Woth friends who want to eat cakes? Go to my house to taste.
    This to learn from the video, and finally make a finished cake.
    looking at this cake, I have a sense of accomplishment.
    This is the first time I learned to make cakes, but I didn't expect to succeed!
    This is too happy, my cake debut, do a little more in the future.
    Bhandling and delicious, my hand is too coincident.
    The cream today is very fragrant and the taste is particularly good.

    Copy of desserts:

    The hot summer, a bowl of homemade cold powder, which is so delicious.
    It a bowl of mung beanose in summer, it is very good ~
    The pearl milk tea is made too much. Friends who want to drink come to get it.
    Tata round water is always my favorite.
    This is nothing to do with some roasted fairy grass to achieve the freedom of roasted fairy grass.
    Add some strawberries and cantaloupe, this bowl of dessert is super great!
    Sagita taro desserts, a bowl is very satisfying.
    S desserts always make love more happy, and also make love love even more sad.
    I Happiness is the taste of desserts, and each dessert has a story.
    S dessert is always my favorite.

    Copywriting about dishes:

    The palace chicken diced, the taste is really PK with the chef.
    This hand -made chicken looks like a model.
    The favorite hairy crabs are the good season to eat it.
    In a pot of fried flower armor, I can do it alone.
    This smelling the fragrance of the vegetables before I was out of the pot, and I was raised by myself.
    I didn't expect that the dishes I made can also be available!
    Itly, my craftsmanship has made great progress, and I will continue to work hard.
    Su cooking is a great fun in my life and enjoy this process.
    The method of white cut chicken is simple and delicious, so why do I not love?
    Come on my house and improve your food ~

  2. The exquisite sentences of the catering person's circle of friends are
    1. Making food is like being a man. You must be real ingredients, and you have to choose excellence. Cooking carefully can become delicious dishes.
    2. The time to enjoy food is happy, but the time for the food to be released is the happiest.
    3, food is used for enjoyment, watching, smelling, and even thinking, can be a kind of enjoyment.
    4, sponge cake rolls are very soft and slippery, with a faint orange flavor, eating in your mouth has a happy taste.
    5, the fat tender meat is roasted yellow and crispy, and the fragrant juice is wrapped around. A little bit of oil light is glowing under the light, and the fragrance of fragrance strikes.
    6. In the world, only love and food cannot be disappointed. If love has been disappointed too much, the food can no longer be disappointed.

  3. The name of the cake is flying stone Hei Afeng, which is greasy as fat. Xiang Jie knows that God has suffered, Zhen Jinju and Furong.

  4. 1. Life and short meat are Ji Shiliang Fang
    2. In ordinary days, there are fireworks and endless joy hidden in ordinary days

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