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  1. Provide a platform for the majority of car owners and car enthusiasts to communicate.
    Mou friends will provide technical exchanges, learning, entertainment, leisure, and emotional exchanges to the majority of car owners and car enthusiasts. Generally, it is mainly discussed by the use of vehicles, self -driving tour and life information. Lovers.
    This will be a platform for riders to gather. There are countless cars in the country. They may have known it before, but they are not very familiar.
    Extension information

    Couns are different from relatives, friends, brothers, and colleagues. There is no benefit plus miscellaneous. The real riders have no deep sex in real life, thereby maintaining this simple friendship.

    Ten years ago, the "car dream" of many families still had a private car. Nowadays, the riders have continued to grow, and the amount of motor vehicles exceeds 233 million. How to have a healthy and civilized car environment has become a new "car dream" of the majority of riders.
    At the forum, the participating representatives talked about their own car feelings and dreams around the "Chinese Dream-Chinese Cars", and solved the urban congestion, the governance of gas pollution, the development of new energy vehicles, promoting cleaning products, observing transportation The topics of regulations and promotion of Che De delivered a speech.
    The representatives from more than 20 auto clubs, Cheyou Associations, and more than 120 professionals from the automotive industry, energy industry, news media, transportation management departments, and academic circles participated in the forum.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-riders

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