The cremation has been popular, why are there still people selling solid wood coffins? Who dare to buy?

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  1. In the long history of China, there are a lot of traditional customs. Among them, red and white happy events have been circulated. These customs may have been abandoned in the city, but in the countryside, it has been retained. There has been a word that has been circulating, that is, "entering the soil for peace", in order to respect for the death of relatives, but also the desire to satisfy the loved ones. In the past, we all buried these dead loved ones with burial, and we were When dealing with the funeral, there are still a lot of particular attention, such as the coffin set by the coffin and the color of the coffin. The poor can only be buried with a mat.
    But over time, the country has not supported this kind of burial. In order to prevent land from waste, it is promoted to the whole country. Now many places have been implemented, but we have found that there are still some places to sell solid wood coffins, and who dare to buy it? Today, I will talk to you.
    The people will say that after the country is promoting the cremation, shouldn't the coffin industry be closed down? In fact, many coffin industries are already in danger, but there are three kinds of people who need to use coffin, and for a long time, the coffin will not disappear in our lives. The first one is the funeral home. Some people will say, isn't the funeral home using cremation?
    Why use a coffin, because before the cremation, these corpses need to be installed with a coffin, and when entering the corpse, these corpses are also installed in the coffin. When we carry the corpse to the funeral items, the funeral home is generally leased, so the crystal coffin, sarcophagus and wooden coffin we often see will be returned to the funeral home after use. In addition, the ashes with ashes are actually the same as the reduced version of the coffin, and the material of the ashes is the same as the coffin. There are more than 10 materials.
    The second is the "big boss". Friends living in rural areas should have seen very luxurious cemetery, and the specifications of these cemetery are completely different from the specifications of other people's cemetery. Under normal circumstances, these cemetery is the cemetery of the local rich, and these cemeteries have begun to build when these rich people have died. There are also some designs selected by these rich people. Highlighting his status and wanting to show his luxury and achievements like the ancient emperors.
    The last third is the elderly in the countryside. It was mentioned earlier that the custom of "entering the soil" in the countryside has always been circulating. Although it has been entered into a civilized society, these elderly people still have such ideas. And in the southern region, when the funeral reform has not been carried out, the death of the elderly is a very important thing, and the custom of the implementation of burial has been circulated for thousands of years, so the sudden reforms make these elderly people unacceptable, so they also also them, so they also also. Before the death, it is required to be buried after the death. In order to meet the last wishes of the elderly, these younger generations will also violate the country's policies to achieve the last wish of the elderly and let the elderly go all the way.
    In I do n’t know that everyone has been popular for cremation. Why are there anyone selling solid wood coffins? Who dare to buy? What else do you think about this?

  2. It is because of the customs of entering the soil in ancient times, and the coffin also represents the promotion of the official. These traditional customs are deeply ingrained in people's minds. Therefore, those who dare to buy coffin are these feudal rural people, or some prominent nobility families, and some well -known great men and well -known figures. These people will buy solid wood coffin for their special commemorative significance.

  3. There are also some old people who dare to buy. Because they still choose to use the method of burial in some areas, they retain this tradition. Choose to let the dead enter the soil.

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