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  1. In the stock market, the continuous rise in stocks is called a bull market, and the continuous decline of stocks is called bear market.
    The bull market is also called multi -market, referring to the market market, which is generally bullish and can last for a longer period of time.
    The short market refers to a bear market. Its market is generally diluted and has been falling.
    Indered the concept of the cowboy market, some friends will ask, what about the market conditions in the current market situation?
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    . How can it be sure whether it is a bear market or a bull market?
    It to determine whether it is now in a bear market or a bull market. You can analyze it from two angles. On the other hand, it is technical.
    First of all, we can see the market conditions from the fundamental aspect. The operating conditions of listed companies and the macroeconomic operation trend are the basis for establishing the fundamentals. Usually it is enough to read industry research reports: [stock market barometer] The financial market is first -hand. Information broadcasting
    Secondly, understanding from the technical side, we cannot ignore some reference values. You can understand the market conditions through indicators and trend forms of the relationship rate, volume and price relationship, etc.
    For example, if it is currently a bull market, there are far more people who buy stocks than those who sell stocks, then the increase of the K -line chart of most stocks will be very conspicuous. Looking at it, if it is a bear market now, the person who buys stocks is far from being unable to catch up with the selling stocks, then the decline of the K insurance map of a lot of stocks will become very obvious.

    . How to judge the turning point of the bulls and bears?
    It if the bull market is about to end, enter the market, at this time, the stock is probably at a high point, and the time to buy will be overwhelmed. Enter the venue at the end.
    Therefore, as long as you can master the turning point of the bear cattle, the price is at a low level when purchasing, the price is at a high price at the time of sale, the difference between the price of buying and selling is the money we earn! There are many ways to analyze the Bull Bear Turning Point. It is recommended to use the following turning point to capture artifacts, one-click to obtain the timing of sale: [AI auxiliary decision-making] Sales time to capture artifacts

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  2. To determine whether the bull market is coming, you must use the method that meets the laws of nature to be accurate. For example, how do you judge that spring is coming, because the temperature has risen, and if you do n’t have a thermometer to determine the accurate judgment, there is still a way, that is, the sun irradiation angle. In this way, the ancients have the current season, that is, it has time.
    It the same bear market in the stock market is like a cold winter, and the bull market is like the summer of the performance day. In the season's conversion, is there any phenomenon that can be found that the bear market is about to end the bull market and the answer is. The bull market in the market is still determined by people. The more the participants, the higher the market emotions, and the less active the market is in the market emotional. Before the bear market switching to the bull market, the market must be active, and the bear market will become a bull market. If the market emotion is not active, the bear market will not end. It's like a person can't do good things every day. It must be that this person must have a good mood to do good things. The market is composed of people. The same phenomenon will also occur at the end of the bull market, and the market emotions will be low. The bull market will end. According to this phenomenon, I made market emotional indicators. The figure below is the trend of the market emotional indicators in the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index in the past two years. At the phased bottom indicators, it will definitely be deviated, and the same indicators will also be deviated at the stage top.
    The effect is very obvious and recovered history that the same thing will occur at each stage of each historical stage.

  3. Hello, the bull market is a condition of a set of financial markets that rise in securities prices or expected to rise. This is also the focus of the basic knowledge of stock entry. The term "bull market" is most commonly used to refer to the stock market, but everything that can be applied to transactions, such as bonds, real estate, currency and goods. Because securities prices have basically continued to rise and fall during the transaction, the term "bull market" usually retains the long period of rising securities prices.

    The characteristics of the bull market are optimistic. Investor confidence and strong results should last long for a long time. When the market trend may change, it is difficult to predict consistently. Some difficulties are psychological influence and speculation that sometimes play an important role in the market.

    It is not used to identify the specific and universal indicators of the bull market. Nevertheless, the most common definition of bull markets may be that stock prices rose by 20%, usually before falling 20%and before the second decrease of 20%. Because the bull market is difficult to predict, analysts can usually only realize this phenomenon after this phenomenon occurs.

    The characteristics of the bull market

    The bull market usually occurs when the economy is strong or strong. They are often consistent with the decline in the strong domestic GDP (GDP) and unemployment rate, and often occur at the same time as the growth of corporate profits. During the entire bull market, investor confidence will also rise. The overall demand of the stock market will be positive and overall market tone. In addition, the IPO activity volume during the bull market will generally increase.

    is worth noting that some of the above factors are easier to quantify than other factors. Although corporate profits and unemployment can be quantified, for example, it may be more difficult to measure the tone of market reviews. The supply and demand of securities will be in trouble: supply will be weak, and demand will be strong. Investors will be anxious to buy securities, and few people are willing to sell. In the bull market, investors are more willing to participate in the (stock) market to obtain profits.

    The risk reveals: This information does not constitute any investment suggestions. Investors should not replace their independent judgment or make decisions based on these information, which does not constitute any trading operations, does not guarantee any benefits of any income Essence If you operate yourself, please pay attention to position control and risk control.

  4. The so -called "bull market", also known as the bull market, refers to the market conditions that generally have bullish and the long -term duration. How to judge the bull market can be analyzed based on the following points:
    1, the sky volume and the sky price
    generally appear a sky -high price, indicating that the bulls still have signs of attack after encountering the number of days. Other small and medium -cap stocks have made up.
    2, individual stocks are flying
    . Most funds enter the small and medium -sized disk stage. Blue chip stocks are not the main funds involved in stocks, making some small and medium -sized stocks with better forms soaring. But be careful, escape at a high level. The blue chips reached the high level in the high -level shock area, and no one dared to fry, so the capital flowed to the second line and the third line, so that the fourth and fifth -line stocks that were not famous began to fry behind.
    3, high shock
    When the index reaches a relatively high level, many main force starts to ship, and one shot is hundreds of thousands of large orders. Even if the index can continue to rise, it is just a high level. Just at the top, the room for rising is very limited. In terms of transaction volume, there will often be days at this time, and only huge selling pressures can reverse the original bull market market.
    The regulations can slowly understand in the usual operation. For novices, it is best to learn more about the successful experience of the master, so that you have less detours and minimize economic losses. The operating of the cattle in the stock market in Niu stockbao feels good. I have learned a lot of things from it. I would like to help you and I wish you a happy investment!

  5. Recently, Da A has risen one after another, and has stood 3100 points. Many brokers, big V, and media have shouted that the bull market is coming. Is the bull market come? How can I confirm the bull market?

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