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    The kingxing Uranus is a digital currency exchange. It provides a better operation plan for the convenience, simplicity and efficiency of digital currency transactions. The headquarters is established in Singapore. Germany, China, and Belgium focus on the development of blockchain industry application and the research of blockchain community autonomy, as well as technology pioneers and marketing operations experts. The founder Henry is from Germany and is a doctor of information technology in the Academy of Science and Technology of Calssroe Institute of Technology. Professor of Poen University, visiting scholar at the University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong, and a director of the German Electronic Standard Industry Commission, participated in the contribution of Ethereum's early sharding technology research. At present, Henry is mainly for the underlying technical planning and design work.
    The blockchain trading platform, which is the first in the entire network to try to combine community value with transaction value -traditional exchange users will not worry about value creation that has nothing to do with it, smooth and easy to use, and will share with value sharing with value sharing. One has become a direct motivation for users to choose. The Tianwang Star Platform has two core drivers of trading platform and community value. As an international operator, we pay particular attention to the inherent power of community value. It guarantees the continuity of the value creation process.

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