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  1. How to come back for minors to charge money:
    minors under the age of eight years old are those who have no capacity for civil behavior, and their legal agent agents shall implement civil legal behavior. Therefore, all the amounts for playing games should be returned.
    I minors over eight years of age to restrict civil legal behaviors that are compatible with their age and intelligence in order to restrict the ability of civil behavior. If the legal agent does not agree or refuses to recover, the behavior is invalid, so the property obtained by the actor should be returned.
    The minors over the age of sixteen, who are the main source of life with their own labor income, are deemed to be a capable person with civil behavior. The amount of recharge is deemed to be true, and it will not be returned.
    The legal basis
    Article 19 of the "People's Republic of China" [Minor who restricts civil behavior capabilities] Minors over eight years old to restrict civilian behavior are restricted, and the reasons for civil legal behavior will be implemented. The legal agent agent or the consent of its legal agent's agency; however, it can independently implement a purely beneficial civil legal act or civil legal acts that are compatible with their age and intelligence.

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