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  1. Baidu Coin is a virtual currency that can be paid uniformly on the Baidu website. Baidu opened the "Baidu Coin Account" for each registered member, and the amount of Baidu coins purchased by the members was charged into their "Baidu Coin account".

    The Baidu coins purchased by members have been valid for one year from the date of recharge. The consumption during the validity period is deducted in turn. After the recharge of Baidu Coins, no refund is given, it should be noted that it is used up before the validity period.

    Baidu set up special accounts for each user. Users can manage their own Baidu coins' purchase, consumption and query historical records.

    The user can only be used after the user activates the Baidu currency account. When activating the account, you need to set up a Baidu coin payment password to verify your identity when consumption of Baidu coins in the future.
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  2. Baidu Coin is the only virtual currency launched by Baidu's consumption on the Internet. During the consumption process, 1 Baidu currency is worth 1 yuan. Each Baidu registered user has the only corresponding "Baidu coin account", which can save and manage the Baidu coins they own.

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