Since Guo Ailun has missed the MVP, who will not be questioned if he won the regular season MVP?

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  1. Since Guo Ailun missed the MVP, who would win the regular season MⅴP would not be questioned? In the regular season M 评P selection standard, in the early season Basketball Association and CBA company must have formulated the selection criteria. In accordance with regulations, 12 teams in the playoffs can be registered for each team. It is Zhao Jiwei, and Guo Ailun and Han Dejun are eligible, but the 1 team can only report 1 person, so after the MVP is selected, there is no Guo Ailun. Who can win the 20-21 season MVP will not be questioned. One of the 12 candidates is not questioned, because the MVP in each person's mind is not necessarily the same, but it is generated by the voting of relevant personnel.
    The player selection MⅴP has a hard indicator to participate in the season's competition 39 games, and each team participates in the commentary on MVP. If the team contributes the most contributed player, the highest contribution (ⅴorP) Liaoning team is Zhao Jiwei. This highest contribution is the largest contribution in the team, the best help to the team's victory. The best data in the team's data, the Liaoning team Guo Ailun and Han Dejun are also good, limited to only one person, so Guo Ailun was selected. The top four teams reported that Zhao Rui, Guangdong, Zhao Jiwei, Liaoning, Wuqian, Zhejiang, Zhou Qi, Xinjiang.
    The specific 12 players are: Shen Zijie, Hu Jinqiu, Zhao Jiwei, Zhou Qi, Zhao Rui, Chen Yingjun, Wu Qian, Gao Shiyan, Jiang Yuxing, Han Shuo, Liu Chuanxing, Zhu Yanxi (order of contribution value)
    rn 这个问题很好回答呀,既然框框已经出来了,郭艾伦已经被框在了门外,那就按框框来呗,就是让数据说话,谁排第一,谁贡献值最大,谁就You should win this MVP.
    In fact, Guo Ailun's selection of MVP candidates caused fans to question, and the responsibility was exactly in the CBA official. According to the previous selection rules, news from the relevant parties never disclosed to the outside. Normally, if everyone knows that this rule is already set before the league, there will be no more than so many people.
    The rules do not matter a day, but those who formulate rules must first abide by the rules. Otherwise, what is the use of this rule?
    The data is placed there, and this season's regular season MVP should be Shenzhen to Shen Zijie. If it is given to anyone else, it will cause doubts. See if the CBA official will hit his face this time!
    Yao Ming
    Is to think about it, Yao Ming has been overhead, and he doesn't dare to think about it when you think about it. PS: The World Cup lost Yao Ming said that he was responsible. Now he only saw Li Nan's get out of class, and Zhou Qi Guo Ailun scolded. What is the responsibility of Chairman Yao, is it also announced?
    The CBA regular season MVP has been released, and the winner is Zhejiang men's basketball player Wu Qian. We also know that in the previous All -Star Championship, Wu Qian also became the MVP. It is worth mentioning that the twice MVP was accidentally obtained by Wu Qian. Is this luck? I have to say that Guo Ailun's luck is a little back! Although I don't want to get it in my mouth, my body is honest.
    In fact, many fans have expressed their recognition of Wu Qian's regular season MVP. As a star of the Zhejiang Men's Basketball Team, he does have the strength to take MVP. Up to now, Wu Qian has played 46 games, with averaged 19 points per game (3.6 rebounds, 7.6 assists, 1 steals and 0.1 blocks). From the score data, it is not so outstanding, but it can also rank 4th in the local player score list. Wu Qian's 7.6 assists are the highlights, and Guo Ailun is only 0.4 times more than him.
    The most surprising thing of the author is that the Zhejiang Men's Basketball Team topped the standings for a while. Although other teams were basically single foreign aid during that time, the whole Hua class could achieve such achievements. It is true that it is true. Surprising. What impressed me most was the unveiling battle, defeating the powerful Guangdong men's basketball team with 138-113. You must know that the defending champion is a double foreign aid battle. I still remember that in this game, Wu Qian scored a maximum score of 39 points, and the data of 5 rebounds for 14 assists and 2 steals 1 blocks was also amazing. You must know that he had only a mistake and 2 fouls.
    MVP winner was before and after the CBA, and Liu Weiwei, the head coach of the Zhejiang men's basketball team, posted the first post to congratulate him. He said that Wu Qian's success had made a lot of effort and hardships. Lead the team forward. Liu Weiwei used 3 words, humble, low -key, and practical, and hoped that Wu Qian would not be blinded by everything in front of him. From these three words, we can also feel Liu Wei's good intentions.
    On learned that he won the prize, Wu Qian also updated the dynamic. Except for gratitude or gratitude, he can see that he is a person who knows how to be grateful. Wu Qian first thanked the coaches and teammates for his tolerance and help for him. At the same time, he also thanked the media friends for their recognition. Secondly, he thanked the staff, and finally thanked the fans all the way.
    Anyway, Wu Qian MVP is really famous, and I hope Guo Ailun will not be discouraged. FMVP is waiting for you. As long as you are excellent enough, everything is possible.
    I due to the hot MVP's selection of MVP, this undoubtedly gave the players of other teams a good opportunity for MVP. Especially in the top three Zhejiang, Wuqian's MVP tentacles are within reach. According to the principle of record data, Wu Qian was better than Zhao Jiwei and Zhao Rui in the data. Therefore, the MVP eventually won by Wu Qian.

    . Although Wu Qian was lucky enough to get the MVP of this season, it was also questioned by some people. After all, his data was not beautiful enough. Not as good as Hu Jinqiu. But since Guo Ailun missed the MVP, this award is understandable. After all, the Zhejiang team's record is better than Guangsha.
    In CBA, whoever gets MVP will be questioned, just the size of the question. This season, if the data comes to MVP, Hu Jinqiu is the most worthy of this award. He averaged 23.5 points and 9.7 boards on the venue with a hit rate of 64.8%and PER19.3.

    The average score and efficiency value of Hu Jinqiu ranked first in domestic players, respectively. In addition, Hu Jinqiu is not only beautiful in data, but also the core role he plays in the team, not only Wu Qian is not as good, but even Guo Ailun is not as good as.
    But on the selection of MVP, Hu Jinqiu's loses most was that Zhejiang Guangsha only ranked seventh, which affected Hu Jinqiu's number of votes. If the Guangsha team's record ranks among the top three, Hu Jinqiu is more worthy of the honor of MVP than anyone.

    Now, since Guo Ailun missed the MVP, according to the standard of selecting the MVP in the NBA, the data of beautiful data must also be good. Wu Qian's MVP is undoubtedly named.
    Yesterday, the CBA league announced the winners of various regular season awards this season. Among them, the winner of the regular season MVP is Wuqian of the Zhejiang team.

    . As soon as the news came out, Wu Qian naturally got a lot of congratulations, and there were praise from everywhere. But at the same time, Wu Qian was also questioned, and even a voice said that he was the most watery MVP in the past ten years.
    Why do you say that? Mainly because there are many Liaoning fans who feel unfair, MVP should have been from Guo Ailun. There is no doubt that Guo Ailun's basic data this year is better than Wu Qian, and it has almost achieved "full surround". As long as you enter the list of candidates, Guo Ailun is likely to become MVP.
    , but Guo Ailun failed to enter the list of candidates because of the selection rules at the beginning of the season. This also lost the opportunity to compete directly with Wu Qian. This is the most dissatisfied place for Liaoning fans.
    But one thing to pay attention to is that the selection rules of this candidate were set at the beginning of the season, and the CBA company agreed at the shareholders' meeting. After the data calculation, Guo Ailun could not even surpass his teammate Zhao Jiwei. He could not enter the candidate list, which was in line with the rules.

    Liaoning fans can say that the rules are unreasonable, but since it is discussed in advance, it must be executed. For a Guo Ailun, it is the biggest injustice to change the rules directly during the season.

    It this shows that Wu Qian is not worthy of MVP. His effect on the Zhejiang team is very obvious, and the award is true. Now that so many people are criticized, the only explanation is that he is not from Liaoning, and there is no way to meet the psychological needs of Liaoning fans.
    Yao Ming and Yan Jun.
    Guo Ailun is not fair to get it, and there will be doubts to anyone! The Basketball Association's atmosphere does not go to the righteousness, it can only be blocked by Chinese basketball! Basketball reform is imperative, when is the chaos! Worry!
    In fact, anyone who obtains MVP has questioned, because everyone has their own MVP in their hearts. That's right, but who sets out each team of the playoff team, who came up with this rule, and then passed the review. This is the biggest question!
    The Zhu Yanxi of Shougang is almost besieged on the Internet,
    If an extreme event appears, everyone really votes the ticket to Zhu Yanxi, then they slap their faces!
    CBA, as an alliance, to comment on the most valuable players in the season. The rules should be professional. It does not seek perfection in all aspects, at least the most fair, but this rule is too amateur!
    The most valuable player of a alliance comments, then the league review is fine, and it is not the most valuable player of a team. If a team is evaluated, each team commented on one. Each team choose one. Even if the player ranked first in this team is worse than the last players in other teams, they must be taken out. Not to mention, the players are embarrassed!

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