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  1. 1. You can open the window, but don't keep it all the time. If you plan to take a dog to go, it is best not to let it stick out of the window. After all, there are many dangers on the road, especially the side car. You can satisfy your dog through just putting the window a few centimeters to satisfy your dog's desire to breathe air at a speed of 55 miles per hour. Although this window is not large enough, you can not let the dog out of the neck, but it is enough to let it let it make it. Enjoy this journey. In addition, there are often gravel on the road, such as asphalt, stone, rubber and glass fragments. A rotating tire will spit out a piece of fragments at a certain speed to break your windshield or damage your body. If your pet stretches his head out of the window, these dangerous objects will also hit it.

    2, let your dog stay in the car, don't put it in the cargo compartment behind the truck, because it may jump or fall into the lane. A car will have unimaginable consequences. Don't think that your dog is smart and won't jump out! For veterinarians, they have seen too many cases of dogs jumping down from the truck. If a dog finds a squirrel, it is likely to jump out of the car to chase the squirrel regardless of danger. In addition, a sudden parking or bump may throw it out. And if it is tied to a rope in the relics reserve, don't think it is safe. Once it is thrown out, you are likely to drag it while driving.
    3. Take protection measures. Make your dog running in the car may cause an accident, such as when it steps on your pedal or hit the steering wheel. They also jump out when the dog sees another dog or wants to say hello. When your car is hit by another car, or in order to avoid accidents, the dog will fall out when your car shakes quickly. Many pets are seriously injured under these circumstances. For dogs, the safest place is in the car, or in a carrier, or in a space that can restrict it, dog car safety products can be bought in most pet products stores.

    4, don't leave your dog or any animal alone in the car, even in cool weather, because the sun can turn your car into a suffocating stove in a few minutes (Temperature can rise to 120 Huali instantly). In addition, leaving dogs in the car is also in danger of being abducted.
    5. If you let your dog sit in the front row, please note that it may be killed by your airbag in the accident. The airbags are designed for medium -sized adults, about 20 inches from the dashboard. Because the dog's head is too low, it will be close to the airbag. Once an accident occurs, the airbag will pop up at a speed of 200 miles per hour. If it hit it before inflating, it may cause it to be injured or killed. (By the way, the same problem will also happen to children. So both should sit on the back seat)
    6, if you want to take it to travel long distances, remember to bring water and sufficient food for food and sufficient food Essence You should stop from time to time to stretch your legs and take the toilet.

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