Does the personality of pet have anything to do with the owner?

Do you think the personality has something to do with pets?

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  1. The personality of pets will change with the character's personality and environmental changes. This is because the dog and the owner have been together for a long time, and it is more and more habitual. Master.
    If the owner of the pet is a quiet person, then its pets will become more Buddhist, and they will live with the owner or a stable life every day. It will be very timid.
    If the owner of the pet is cheerful and lively, then its pets will be actively filled with positive energy every day like the owner. There is no fear in the crowd.
    So the personality of pets will develop in the person's personality direction, just as children will learn to do things.

  2. Now more and more people have begun to raise pets.
    The pets may not be called pets. Most of them are family members raised in the countryside and have his role.
    and now, pets in urban life seem to be a place where many people release pressure and love.
    and psychologists also tell us that a pet that a person raised can largely reflect his personality.
    The psychology has been studied that most of the time people always choose a pet that looks like it or has some personality traits with its own personality.
    . For example, people who are fast -moving and speaking are to have lively and loved dogs, and people who are slowly swallow will be willing to raise slowly swallowing goldfish. People who are nervous will raise a snake. And greedy people will feed the pets fat and fat. Those who like big dogs will be satisfied, and those who like puppies hope to get a lot of like ...
    It can be seen that the temperament of the owner, uh, the external pet form, in fact, is a kind of inner nature of its owner.
    The narcissistic person, the main manifestation is what to raise like. People usually have narcissistic psychology, and they also need some kind of narcissistic psychology. Therefore, nourishing pets is a kind of narcissistic behavior that is very good and does not know.
    The idealized breeders are a sense of transition. For example, many children have such a stage. He regards pets as himself, and he acts as a career. In fact, no matter how he takes care Pets are actually very eager to take care of him in his heart. To take care of pets, this is a kind of self -compensation.
    The expression of depression is another psychology of pets. People are multi -faceted, and he does not necessarily show his most authentic side. At this time, a depression is generated. Suppressing needs to be resolved, and nourishing pets that can express their inner desires are also a kind of solution.
    So the biggest group at present -cats and dogs, what are the differences between people who support them?
    The people who raise dogs are happy and humane; while cats are better appreciated and like unique self -awareness.
    is actually very simple. Dogs like to interact and form tacit communication with the owner.
    The cats are relatively "high -cold". Although they can also stick to people, they are always like the opposite sex independent.
    What pet do you like, do you think it is another mapping of your personality?

  3. The personality of pets basically depends on the character of the owner, which changes with the environment of life. Different living environment will affect the development of pets. For example, the personality of family members and different feeding methods will also change the personality of pets.

    . Once the timid pet is led by the outgoing owner, the personality of the pet will also become extroverted, but if the personality of some pets is led by the owner, you will not only see that the born person will not only be not only not, Extremely irritable. This is also a characteristic of pet character. However, this will also change with the way the owner feeds.

  4. There must be an inevitable relationship. Dogs are like children. Education and training from childhood is important. The master is kind and puppy will be docile.

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