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  1. Cats cannot mail or courier, but they can be shipped.
    For the purpose of animal protection, my country has stipulated that the items of living liver (animal) are not available.

    "Rules of the Implementation Rules of the Postal Law of the People's Republic of China" stipulates that all kinds of living animals are strictly prohibited. Only to deliver.

    If you have to transport pets, you can find aviation consignment pets:

    1, first go to the animal and plant quarantine unit (or the agricultural bureau animal husbandry center) to open 3 Related proof -to inject rabies vaccine at the veterinarian station (the vaccine airlines at the pet shop do not recognize), issue a proof of injection (that is, immune certification) and transportation equipment disinfection certificate (that is, a proof Essence

    2. Applying animal quarantine and health certificate.

    3, aviation consignment, packing, transportation, etc.
    Data expansion:
    The precautions for air -transported cats:

    1. Preparation of packaging: You need to use a dedicated plastic aviation box. Usually the home iron pet cage is not qualified.

    2. Preparation of quarantine: The airport will ask you to take pets to quarantine, quarantine costs 20-30 yuan, quarantine certificate must be attached to the transportation list. Therefore, when deciding to transport cats, be sure to quarantine cats in advance.
    3. Preparation of time: After selecting the flight, you should arrive at the airport at least 3 hours in advance, otherwise you may not be able to keep on board. It is necessary to predict the waiting time and flight time, and prepare sufficient water and food for pets, hot weather, poor ventilation, etc., will cause damage to pets.
    4. After the trip: hold the shipping order as soon as possible. If you do n’t take the opportunity at the same time, you only let the pets fly alone. After the plane takes off, notify the consignee number (faxed transportation).
    Reference information Source:
    The Chinese government network-the implementation rules of postal law of the People's Republic of China

  2. 1. Choose a professional pet courier company
    Nowadays, there are special pet courier on the market. The line of aviation can effectively improve the pet's survival rate. But the fee is more expensive. It is normal for a hundred dollars to send a dog. Cats are normal. But there are still many people who choose, especially some online shop owners.
    2. Send it in the express delivery
    It some small pets can be sent into the express delivery. You may say that the courier company will not receive such pieces. In fact, the fast company checked very loose If you do well in hidden work, you can also send it. But pay attention to the following aspects:
    Note 1, be sure to choose the destination near the journey
    This is the most important, because the courier company does not know what the sending is living, so they are carrying the project they are carrying Maybe it will be violently unloaded. In addition, if the efficiency of the courier company is not high and the courier takes too long, it will die.
    Note 2, be sure to put a lot of buffer
    When Xiaobian is expressing my hamster, although it is very hot summer, some cotton is still placed. Cuffs such as cotton or sponge can play a role in shock absorption, which can make small pets feel motion sickly and increase the survival rate of small pets.
    Note 3, it is best to identify on the courier packaging
    of course, it is not written on the express packaging, but you can write a fragile item on the packaging, and put it lightly. Perhaps after seeing the people at the courier company, they will be careful to send the parcel. In addition, the food must be put into the express delivery, and the water is not needed. Try to drink as much as possible before going out. If you are worried about the thirst on the road, you can prepare those food that is not very dry.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, mailing pet cats cannot be courier. Pet cats are living bodies, and all domestic express companies cannot transport live bodies. Because most of the express delivery is sealed, cats can be suffocated. There is no cat food and water in the courier. If the road is far away, it is easy to cause cats to die. If you want to transport cats to different places, you can find a special consignment company to check in pet cats, or you can transport self -driving way.nIt can be checked, but you can only find a pet consignment company, every city. Compared to other products, cat transportation prices are relatively high, mainly because it has high requirements for transportation conditions. Generally, the general courier companies do not have the conditions for transportation living. EssencenPet consignment can be divided into: bus consignment, train consignment, air shipping, pet special cars, etc.nIn addition, you can also choose to air transportationnMore 2nBleak

  4. You should ask not to mail or consignment!
    Cats, even if they are cute, they cannot be installed in the courier box. After all, this is a life, not a item.

  5. mail? Hahaha
    Clash if you want to come out. Fortunately, Chinese words are profound. I have to get to the meaning you want to express. You want to consign your cat.

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