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  1. Is it useful to have mice to raise cats at home
    The people should know that cats are natural enemies of mice, so is there a mouse to raise cats at home? Naturally, it is useful, but not all cats are practical. When raising cats, pay attention to the following points:
    1. Be sure to raise a cat, that is, Chinese pastoral cats and native cats. , Mouse naturally respects it. Do not buy pet cats, such as Garfield, Himalayan, etc., have completely lost their wildness. Not only do you not catch mice, be careful to be bullied by mice.
    2. At the age of grabbing mice, the amount of meal control, and vegetarian food.
    3, it is best to be an adult cat, which is more clever, and the thin oriental body shape. When it is mentioned, the legs will shrink. When catching mice, it is more clever. Such cats are more suitable for family breeding with mice.
    . What should I do to eradicate mice at home
    1, Common methods: What to do if there are mice in the drug extinguishing method? First of all, the most common way to introduce is the method of drug extinguishing. That is, to eat toxic foods for mice, and then achieve the purpose of extinguishing rats. You can put the drugs in the corners, kitchen, bed, and other places. Remember to buy chronic poisoned rats to avoid pets by mistake. rn2、t有效方法:物理灭鼠法rn物理灭鼠,也就是利用各种专用捕鼠器,像鼠夹、鼠笼,利用压、卡、关、夹、翻、灌、 Dig and wait for the mice. Among them, mouse clips and sticky mouse boards are the longest applications, and they are the most widely used range. This method is also practical to eliminate mice.
    3, source method: ecological mouse method
    The source method of mouse elimination, that is, destroying the living environment of mice, that is, destroying the living environment and conditions that are beneficial to the survival of the mouse. It is mainly to store foods in the home, such as rice, snacks, etc., in addition, do a good job of indoor and outdoor environmental hygiene, removing hidden places in mice, and found that the mouse hole is immediately blocked. In order to fundamentally solve the survival problem of mice.

  2. Hello, in general, it is used in management, but there are a few points to pay attention to:

    It must be a cat, that is, Chinese pastoral cats and native cats. Dear away.

    The age control can be grasped, the amount of feeding is controlled, and vegetarian.

    It is best for adult cats. It is more clever, legs, long, and thin oriental body. When mentioning, the legs will shrink.

    Hit, how can the cat catch the mouse?

    1. Observe the cat's variety. Most of the precious cats will not catch the mouse

    It clear whether cats are good at catching mice and varieties. Some indoor cats do not have the ability to catch mice. If you need a cat that can help the mouse at home, then the first choice is the Chinese pastoral cat. Such cats are so good, their bodies are strong, and their mice are fierce.

    2. Observe the eyes of the cat, see if it is wild

    The cat catching mice and tigers and antelope are hunting. The cat family is inherently a master of hunting. A cat who can catch mice must be wild. You can see if the cat's eyes have the wildness of the cat. Pet cats are easy to distinguish.

    3. Observe the body shape of the cat. The thin and long cat is a mouse catcher

    It Chinese pastoral cats cannot catch mice, you just know it, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat Dudu's limbs are short and thick, and the jumping ability and instant explosive power are insufficient. There are also some cats who are too fat and not flexible enough. Even if they can catch mice, they can't catch it now.

    4. Observe the schedule of the cat, whether to sleep during the day

    The cats love to sleep, but there are day and night. If the pet cat raised is the same as humans, then it may not catch the type of mouse. The cats who can catch mice usually rest during the day and have a lot of sleep; active at night, I have reconciled a cat in the past, and every night I walked on the top of the bungalow. It is a cat who can catch the rat.

  3. Tube.
    Because the mice were born, they were afraid of cats. Some cats generally did not dare to come out, and even if they dared to come out, they were captured by cats.

  4. At most cats scared the mouse or caught it, the cat now eats, who will catch the mouse. This is the cat I raised at home. Sometimes, the mice are too lazy to catch it in front of it.

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