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  1. Before breeding cats, you may not think how challenging cats are, but it is not until you really have a cat, and you realize that this time is really not a fun! In order to allow cats to adapt to human family life faster and better, the owners usually have some training for cats. During the training process, you may encounter various problems. When you encounter a problem at the beginning, you may be able to slowly guide the cats according to the methods mentioned in professional articles, but if the cat repeats the mistakes again and again, and you can't learn the skills you teach. So those reminders of "only with patience can train cats" are likely to be ignored by you directly, and eventually cause you to use the cat's eighteen palms because of "hate iron and steel".

    FIG. 1 The harmonious human cat relationship should be interactive
    , once the cat really moves, then the cat's attitude towards you may be 180 The big change of °. Maybe as long as one call, you can let the cat come to you, but since you do it, you seem to be not so simple to call them. Cats will always wait and see your attitude. You will be sure that you will never do it anymore. They will come over. However, this confirmation that you will not take some time for the process of them, and the time is different from the differences between cat individuals, the number of cats that are less than the number of cats, and the degree of cats' lessons.
    In people say that cats are very vengeful animals. As long as you have hit them once, they will remember their lives for a lifetime. In fact, it is better to say that cats are sensitive and cautious. When they call them, they are hesitant to hesitate to hesitate to listen to your call because they are afraid of being implemented again. When encountering this situation, in order to allow cats to re -establish their trust in themselves, some owners will throw cats for cats, such as using snacks to call cats, or toys that cats usually like to attract cats. Wait, as long as the cat does not completely lose trust in you, they usually accept the sugar -coated shells you give. Here you need to pay attention to the following points:
    . The cat may not immediately restore your trust because you give them a delicious and fun thing, you have to patiently rebuild your relationship between you;
    . If you are just to quote the cat over to educate, then no matter what good food you use or how good toys you will use in the future, the cat will basically not get close to you anymore; Don't hit cats anymore, otherwise, even if you have sugar -coated artillery shells, cats can resist the bombing of sugar and clothing shells in the future, and eventually farther away from you.

    Figure 2 Cats that cannot be completely relaxed during breastfeeding
    In fact, stick education will not only keep the cat away from you, but the cat's personality may change. For example, some cats look more timid and melancholic than other cats because they have received stick education, and they are usually afraid of human approach. Even if you are not malicious, they may not be close to you, and some have received sticks. Education cats are more irritable than other cats. Although stick education may really play some role in some training, the "cat cannot be close to you", "cat's personality changes", "training is becoming increasingly difficult", etc. The negative effects of the series should not be seen by the owners at the beginning!

    FIG. 3 Figure 3 The slightly hesitant cat
    It, there is a reminder that for the stray cat (especially adult cats) who just brought home, do not use " "Stick education", not to mention that it has not had enough trust in you, and it is likely to attack you. Cats as predators still have certain harm.

    FIG. 4 The cats of predators have sharp "weapons"
    When raising cats, although some owners will not have a stick education for cats at all. Set, but they seem to go to another extreme -always centered on cats' instructions, which is actually the doting we usually call. Even though the owner loves all kinds of love, some cats always seem to have a high attitude towards the master and ignore the owner. It is a bit in response to the phrase "Zhou Yu hit the yellow cover, and one is willing to hit one." But even if cat slaves are willing to serve the cat owner, various problems caused by doting may still make you unable to deal with it. For example, what the cat wants to eat, what the owner provides, and the consequences of this may cause the cat to be excessive obesity. Once the cat is excessively obese, they may bear the pain caused by the disease caused by obesity (such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.), and the owner can only watch the cat suffer. In addition, doting may cause cats to cause cats It becomes more wayward, and some loved cats will even make it difficult for the owner to fight. Therefore, if you want a cat to better adapt to human family life, the owner must master the correct maintenance method, avoid sticking to stick education, and avoid all.

    Figure 5 Pride cats like to flip the box and pour the cabinet

  2. Cats are best not to fight.
    This is a living animal. Natural nature is that whenever you encounter an animals or similar types, the first reaction is to quickly escape the scene. Therefore, when a cat makes a mistake and the owner hit it, it will only fight back, and it will escape if it can't be hit. In the future, they will hide from you. Some cats may still run away from home.
    Cats, belonging to the family of cats, separated cats, wild cats, are relatively wide pets in families around the world. The ancestors of the family cats are speculated that they are desert cats in ancient Egypt. Persian Persian cats have been domesticated by humans for 3,500 years.

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