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  1. Turkey refers to Chinese cats, raccoon cats are the only natural cats in China, and a very good cat species suitable for home care.
    The cats in Chinese natives are: Chinese raccoon cat, Chinese yellow raccoon cat, Chinese dairy cat, Chinese mysterious cat, Chinese Shandong Linqing lion cat, and Chinese cat skewers, native cats refer to Chinese cats Now collectively referred to as Chinese pastoral cats
    The standards for raccoon cats (here are the appearance characteristics of authentic raccoon cat blood): black, fish bone patterns, green eyes, black claws. The raccoon cat is divided by the coat color, divided into black raccoon cats and yellow raccoon cats (different yellow raccoon cats and yellow raccoon cats). Tiger omit oscillating cats (tiger omit oscillating cats are generally raccoon cats and yellow raccoon skewers). Pressing the eyes are divided. The color of the raccoon cat's eyes is green, yellow, and brown (don't ask me why there is no blue -eyed raccoon cat because blue eyes Cats generally have genetic defects, so Chinese raccoon cats have always eliminated this bad gene)
    (Tanuka cat plus white is generally Jianzhou cat, the relationship between Jianzhou cat and raccoon cat is like a cheese cat With the short -haired cat in the United States, it is "add white" by a raccoon cat)

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