1 thought on “What are the symptoms of cats before death?”

  1. Before dying, cats will experience numbness, decreased body temperature, and turbid mucosa.
    This of cats between 13 and 17 years old. If the owner usually uses a scientific method for breeding, and takes a cat to a pet hospital for a physical examination every year, the quality of the cat's life will be greatly improved and life span will It will also be longer. In addition, when the owner takes a cat out, he must take a cat rope to prevent the cat from accidents. Cat's death performance is divided into normal and abnormal deaths. Different causes of death have different performance before death.
    Thenhn, the cat will choose to leave the family, and go outside to hide and wait for death. Under normal circumstances, if they are sick and die, cats will show weakness, and they will not respond to the owner's call, and they will leave quietly later.

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