1 thought on “Is the blue cat so good?”

  1. Good support. First of all, the blue cat is fat, especially its face, with a big face, and a very docile and friendly personality. It is the first choice of cats. Secondly, because the blue cat is often accompanied by the owner, when you are sitting aside, it will usually be with you, but this will also cause it to lack exercise. It is recommended to squeeze out the time to play with it. Furthermore, the blue cat's fat face, wide mouth, often swallowed in the diet, so it is very easy to produce plaque or even calculus, so the owner should pay more attention to the oral care of the blue cat's teeth. For example, developing the habit of brushing from a young age, and usually use tooth cleaning powder in food, or add clean teeth water to drinking water. In addition, the blue cat is very easy to get fat and get the love of many pet parents, so the owner can usually feed some foods such as chicken breasts, egg yolks, beef and salmon and river shrimp to help blue Cat cheek reaches visually.

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