1 thought on “Sichuan Airlines pet consignment regulations”

  1. Legal analysis: (1) Variety: home -raising pet cats, pet dogs.
    (2) Weight: Pet net weight is not greater than 50kg.
    (3) Age: more than two months.
    (4) Limited packaging: Each pet uses a single box independently.
    (5) Proof files: Pets should have the "Certificate of Alignation of Animal Quarantine" issued by the quarantine department of the county (district) or above.
    Legal basis: Article 825 of the Code of the People's Republic of China: Consodimer to handle cargo transportation shall accurately indicate the consignee's name, name or the consignee, the goods instructed by the consignee, The name, nature, weight, quantity, and place of receipt of the goods are necessary.
    Those who have lost the loss of the carrier due to the false declaration or omissions of the shipper, the carrier shall bear the liability for compensation.

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