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  1. Can eat meals, but don't make money.
    is basically asking for life. Customers do not care about our little coaches. Do n’t think about it. Most of them are middle -class, and high -end people in fantasy do not exist (probably the club's positioning is not high -end).
    Merebody also as a coach, you can bring apprentices. The work is a lot easier, so you don't need to look at the master's face. The work is relatively simple, after all, it is mainly dealing with animals. But it is still inevitable. If you have other options, it is not recommended to enter the industry. When you are young, you can go to other industries to break through, and the racecourse can come.
    The Olympic Equestrian competition includes three items including ride, three -day competition, and obstacles. Each project is divided into group and personal competition, with a total of 6 gold medals.

  2. People who are very rich at home at home, just treat this as a leisure and entertainment movement, will not consider the future at all.
    The game court must be closed. When the horses are playing on the venue, all imports and exports must be closed. The minimum area of ​​the indoor competition is 1200 square meters, and the minimum width of the short side is 25 meters. The minimum area of ​​the outdoor competition is 4000 square meters, and the minimum width of the short side is 50 meters. The exception of this provision can be approved after negotiation of the Corporation of the International Malaysia Federation and the Chairman of the Stadium Dordoire Committee.
    The competition venue:
    This dance stadium should be flat and horizontal, with 60 meters long and 20 meters wide. The ground height difference on the diagonal or long side of the venue must not exceed 60 cm, and the short -sized height difference must not exceed 20 cm. The game venue must be sandy. The above size is the measurement distance in the fence. The venue is not less than 10 meters away from the audience. Special circumstances must be approved by the International Malaysia Federation.
    The indoor competition venue, at least 2 meters in principle from the fence to the venue. The fence should be a white low fence with a height of 30 cm (the fence is not fixed). The fence at point A should be easily moved to facilitate the switch of the players entering and leaving the field. The width of the fence import and exit should be 2 meters. The horizontal gear of the fence should be made so that the horseshoe cannot be stepped in. There are no metal components in the fence.

  3. Professional equestrian has no good prospects within ten years in China. Equestrian movement has been playing soy sauce in China. The participating in international competitions is basically the club to attend a athlete card to participate in the General Administration of Sports. After returning, he returned to the field. At present, the domestic equestrian movement is still at the level of amusement. It does not create much profits and interests determine the development. Therefore, the prospect of temporary equestrian is not clear, unless the horse gambling can be lifted.

  4. There must be.
    First of all, quality education is promoted from the perspective of education. Equestrian entering campus has been piloted in more and more first -tier cities and municipalities. At the same time, the Ministry of Education announced this year that equestrian was included in a number of universities as a sports specialty.
    The equestrian will also add points for you to study abroad.
    With the improvement of living standards, the number of middle -class people has increased, and the requirements of amateur cultural living standards are increasing. Equestrian, as an unpopular aristocratic movement, has gradually transformed into a fresh and exciting mass movement.
    The more and more adolescents and adults have a strong interest in this sport.

  5. It depends on you to be a professional equestrian player or an ordinary equestrian coach. Of course, the occupation is medium to make money. The income of an ordinary equestrian coach is similar to a senior technician, thousands of dollars, well -off.

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