3 thoughts on “How to complain about the owner of the group to build the group”

  1. Enter the WeChat group that needs to be complained, click more icons in the upper right corner
    Step 2
    In the [Chat Information] page, click the [Complaint] option
    1. Details of friends Click the function key in the upper right corner of the page-> complaint.

    2, report strangers: Please click on the stranger's avatar to enter the data interface-> Click the "Complaint" below.

    3. On the WeChat "Shaking" page-> click the avatar, enter the personal data page-> Complaint-> select the reason for the report, and report it.

    4. Enter the circle of friends-> In the dynamics of the circle of friends, click on the friend avatars that need to be reported-> Click the photo to be reported-> The function key in the upper right corner-> Complaints-> Select the reason for the report to report it Just accept it.

    5, please click the function key in the upper right corner in the WeChat group you need to report, select the "complaint" below to report the group. Step 3
    Choose the cause of a complaint and enter the complaint

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