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  1. OK.
    According to 2021 means that the management measures are required, the deed tax can be paid more. Take out your house purchase contract to see. If you buy a house, the developer has received three percent of the deed tax, and it has already already received a deed tax, and it has already already received a deed tax, and it has already been charged. If you meet, hurry up and contact your sales consultant and go to the local real estate registration center to apply for tax refund. The first house of rural accounts is below 90 square meters of construction area. This deed tax is completely free.
    The deed tax refers to the displacement of real estate (land and houses) when the property rights are transferred, and the one -time tax levied to the new owner (property rights) is levied to the new owner (property rights). In addition to the same nature and role as other taxes, the deed tax also has its own characteristics: (1) the purpose of levy tax taxes is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the real estate owner. Through taxation, the deed tax collection agency will issue a deeds in the name of the government. As a legitimate property right certificate, the government shall bear the responsibility of ensuring property rights. Therefore, the deed tax is also the main characteristics of the deed tax, which is different from other taxes. (2) Taxpayers are property rights. When a house trading, pawn, gift or exchange behavior occurs, according to the value of metastasis, the property rights can be levied one -time deed tax. (3) The proportional tax rate of deed tax, that is, when the property rights are transferred and changes, the taxpayer can be collected according to a certain percentage of tax rates.

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