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  1. The unit nature code and industry code
    In unit nature code and industry code. The unit nature code can also be called an enterprise nature code. Nature code and industry code, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
    Mouncing the nature code and industry code 1 1. Find the position you want to test in the recruitment position table.
    2. You can see a lot of information, such as serial number, recruitment unit, unit code, position code, etc.
    3. The unit code mentioned here refers to the level code.
    4. If there is still an unsure. For matters, you can call the telephone consultation on the recruitment of the provincial Zhizhi 01, Municipal Zhi 02, County Zhi 03, Township 04.

    The expansion information:
    The nature of the unit is the nature of each entity or its subordinate departments. It can be roughly included: national administrative enterprises, public -private partnerships, Chinese -foreign joint ventures, foreign -funded enterprises, private enterprises, collective enterprises, national defense military enterprises, joint -stock systems, etc.
    The unit nature code and industry code 2 industry code
    0101 Agricultural 0651 railway transportation industry
    0102 forestry 0652 road transportation industry
    0103 animal husbandry 0653 urban public transportation industry
    0104 Fisheries 0654 Water Transportation
    0105 Agriculture, Forest, Mu, and Fishing Service 0655 Air Transportation
    0206 Coal Mineration and Washing and Selection 0656 Pipeline Transportation Industry
    0207 Petroleum and Natural Gas Miding 0657 Lowing and Unloading Industry 0657 Lowing 0657 Transportation and other transportation services
    0208 Black Metal Mining Selection 0658 Warehouse
    0209 Nonferrous Metal Mineral Election Co., Ltd. Transmission service industry
    0211 other mining industry 0761 computer service industry
    0313 Agricultural and sideline food processing industry 0762 software industry
    0314 food manufacturing industry 0863 wholesale industry
    0315 beverage manufacturing industry 0865 retail industry
    0316 Tobacco Products Industry 0966 Accommodation
    0317 Textile Industry 0967 Catering Industry
    0318 textile clothing, shoes, hat manufacturing 1068 banking
    0319 leather, fur, feather (velvet)) And its product industry 1069 securities industry
    0320 wood processing and wood, bamboo, rattan, brown, grass products industry 1070 insurance industry
    0321 furniture manufacturing 1071 other financial activities
    0322 papermaking and paper products products Industry 1172 Real Estate Industry
    0323 Copy of the printing industry and recording medium 1273 rental industry
    0324 Cultural and education sports products manufacturing 1274 business service industry
    0325 oil processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing 1375 research and test Development
    0326 Chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing 1376 professional technology service industry
    0327 pharmaceutical manufacturing 1377 technology exchange and promotion service industry
    0328 chemical fiber manufacturing 1378 geological exploration industry

    0329 Rubber Products Industry 1479 Water Conservancy Management Industry
    0330 Plastic Products Industry 1480 Environmental Management Industry
    0331 Non -Metal Mineral Products Industry 1481 Public Facilities Management Industry
    0332 Black Metal Switchiority and Pushing Advanced Plus Industry 1582 residential service industry
    0333 non -ferrous metal smelting and pressure extension industry 1583 other service industries
    0334 Metal Products 1684 Education
    0335 General Equipment Manufacturing 1785 Health
    0336 Special Equipment Manufacturing Industry 1786 Social Security Industry
    0337 Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Industry 1787 Social Welfare Industry
    0339 Electric Machinery And equipment manufacturing 1888 Press and Publication Industry
    0340 communication equipment, computers and other electronic equipment manufacturing industries 1889 radio, television, movie and audiovisual
    0341 instrument and culture, office machinery manufacturing 1890 culture and art industry and art manufacturing 1890 culture and art Industry
    0342 Industrial Products and other manufacturing industries 1891 Sports
    0343 Waste Resources and Waste Materials Recycling Industry 1892 Entertainment Industry
    0444 Electricity, thermal production and supply industry 1993 of the Communist Party of China r
    0445 Gas Production and Supply Industry 1994 State Institutions
    0446 Water production and supply industry 1995 The CPPCC and Democratic Party
    0547 houses and civil engineering construction 1996 mass groups, social groups and religious organizations
    0548 Construction and Installation Industry 1997 Grassroots Mass Autonomous Organization
    0549 Construction Decoration Industry 2098 International Organization
    0550 Other Construction Industry 2099 Embassy and Consulate
    -unit nature code 3 unit nature code 1 2 3 What does it mean
    The nature code 1, 2, and 3 of the unit represents three types of enterprises: state -owned, cooperative, and joint ventures.
    The national organs and institutions to determine the nature of the unit shall be based on the "Legal Person Certificate" issued by the Office of the Compilation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Office of the Editory Office) at all levels. R n 1. If the units are compiled by the Central Committee, the unit is a central unit in Beijing or in the Beijing forces (armed police) units.
    2. If the unit is a municipal office, the unit is a Beijing affiliated unit.
    3. If the units are edited by the Beijing (county), the unit is an unit of Beijing (county).

    This expansion information:
    If parts can also be called enterprise nature code, which refers to the code that can indicate the nature of an unnatural person or its subordinate departments that can indicate agencies, groups, legal persons, and enterprises. It is a sign of the local category relationship used to distinguish the salary.

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