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  1. According to the nature of the equity, the equity incentive method can be divided into 1. registered stock incentives (that is, the shareholder identity requires industrial and commercial registration); ;
    If, according to whether the incentive object is contributed, the equity incentive method can be divided into 1. Actual funding of equity incentives (incentive objects can only obtain a response shares only if the incentive object is contributed); Obtaining equity can also be replaced by technical, resources and other conditions)
    The equity incentive method can be divided into 1. Credit time by the company's dividend time; 2. At a time in the future Calculate when conditions.
    The equity incentive method can be divided into 1. Inheritance and transfers; 2. repurchase; 3. Exit after reaching the agreed conditions, etc.

  2. Keywords of dry stocks: free, dividend
    definition: According to the post or personnel, a certain number of shares are directly given (generally only preliminary dividend rights are given, and industrial and commercial registrations are transferred to real shares according to time and performance conditions)
    Features: Generally without performance requirements; not limited to managers; dividend ratio and post hook
    The applicable range: can be used as a test water; as a supplement or combination of other equity incentives
    option keywords: rights, future in the future
    Definition: You can purchase a certain amount of stocks (this process is called exercise) at a predetermined price (exercise price) during the prescribed period, or you can give up the right to buy stock Transfer
    The characteristic: can be granted free of charge or collect option fees; company invitation and market payments; the incomplete restraint mechanism may lead to the short -term behavior of managers
    This scope: Enterprise is in a competitive industry; enterprise growth Good sex and development potential; strong human capital attachment
    performance stocks (shares) Keywords: target, reward
    definition: determine annual performance goals at the beginning of the year, if the incentive object achieves the company's reservation at the end of the year In the annual performance goals, the company gives a certain amount of stocks in the incentive object, or reward its a certain amount of bonus to buy the company’s stock
    characteristic: failure to reach, violate the rules or take the initiative to resign in the middle, cancel the remaining parts; can be set up The risk mortgage can be implemented once a year, which can play a good role in rolling incentives and rolling constraints; but the scientificity of the company's performance goals is difficult to guarantee, and it is easy to cause company executives to obtain performance stocks. : Stable performance; in the maturity and stable period; the company's cash flow is full
    restricted stock keywords: restrictions
    definition: so -called restrictions have two meanings. Second, the sale of stocks (restrictions on sale periods)
    The characteristic: motivating relevant personnel to invest more time and energy into one or some long -term strategic goals. Due to the setting of the restriction period, it can ensure the stability of the relevant personnel. Sex; at the beginning of the plan, enjoy the dividend right
    The applicable scope: enter the company with a stable period; you can use it to use it (for example: to implement options for 10 key talents, 2 of which are added restricted stocks); as the main as the main); as the main) When used, it is suitable for business model transformation companies, entrepreneurial periods, and rapid growth periods; can be used as a golden parachute plan

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